Our team is working on cracking scalable prevention of poor mental health for a mass-market.

To do that you need to do things differently, which is why our unique team brings together talent from tech, science, health and media. 


We create products, like Wakey.life Throughout 2020 we delivered an interactive, edutainment breakfast app that got you up in the morning, prescribed content and monitored your mental wellbeing. Our feasibility test is about to be published in a peer reviewed medical journal. We reached lower socio economic groups other digital products don't reach. Wakey is shortlisted for a Design in Mental Health Award.

In 2021 we have tested dozens of new product ideas with thousands of users. As of summer 2021 we are working on the culmination of months of testing -"Platform X".


Our work is evidence-informed. Funded by Impact in Urban Health, InnovateUK, Zinc and Autodesk we have completed research and development projects exploring:

Feasibility of Mobile Edutainment for Mental Wellbeing / Sleep / Current landscape of mental wellbeing digital products / Meta analysis of Covid's effects on mental health / Stickiness and personalisation with users left behind by majority of products and services / How not to build bias into our products - including deep community work led by community researchers from Centric in Brixton.